Powerful, versatile and highly portable, the GIG wax pen is built with a replaceable coil-less ceramic bowl, that’s compatible and interchangeable with refillable oil cartridges or disposable cartridges. Completed with a duo charging ports, iPhone Lightning & USB port, with an optional battery size to choose from 320mAh or 650mAh, along with 4 preset temperature settings from soft mode to session mode.


  1. Housing: Medical grade stainless steel
  2. Diameter: 14mm
  3. Length: 115mm(GIG), 129mm(GIG PRO)
  4. Weight: 1.8 ounce (GIG), 2 ounce (GIG PRO)
  5. Battery Capacity: 320mAh (GIG), 650mAh (GIG PRO)
  6. Industry standard 510 threaded battery
  7. Resistance: 0.9Ω
  8. Press the button 3 times to change the temperature settings.
  9. Soft mode: Blue-2.1v
  10. Flavour mode: Green-3.0v
  11. Session mode: Yellow-3.7v
  12. Cleaning mode: Red-4.2v
  13. Charging: LED lights in red during the charging process and turns off when charge is complete.


  1. GIG vaporizer
  2. USB charging cable
  3. User manual
  4. Dabbing tool



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