Titanic-3 Design

Coming in at 5.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.4 cm without the glass mouthpiece and 5.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.2 cm including the extendable glass mouthpiece, the Titanic-3 is built with high-quality, durable components and designed for discretion. The sleek and compact-yet-powerful Titanic-3 offers a robust half-gram bud chamber for those of us with epic lung capacity. Micro-USB charging allows for lighting-fast charge-up times, so downtime is mitigated.

Easy to Clean!

Often frequent users consider easy cleaning a ​key ​ feature of their favorite vapes. Here the Titanic-3 has you covered! The Titanic-3 is designed for easy cleaning, with a hollow and removable chamber that makes freshening bowls super convenient. Not only that, the Titanic-3’s unique, isolated airflow and convection-style heating prevent tar or other residues from making contact with heating elements. As a result, the Titanic-3 requires little-to-no maintenance or cleaning – just dump the bud when it’s all vaped out!

Easy cleaning is important for several reasons, beyond the time and convenience involved. First, vaporizers work best when they are clean. Less residue build-up means the vape doesn’t have to work as hard, prolonging the life of both the heating element and the battery. The Titanic-3’s easy clean system is a game changer for those of us seeking value in our products. Second, a dirty vape encourages bacteria and other germs. From an easy-to-clean mouthpiece to a removable herb chamber, we’ve taken our customers’ concerns seriously. The Titanic-3 is so easy to clean that consistent clean vapour is easy to achieve.

What’s included in the Titanic-3 starter kit?

Titanic-3 users will be glad to find a cleaning kit with their purchase – we always provide our clients with the accessories that they know nothing about until they need it.

● 1 Titanic-3 vaporizer

● 1 removable chamber (has treading for easy seal)

● 1 glass mouthpiece

● 1 micro-USB charging cable

● 1 packing / bud removal tool (pick is removed from bottom of vape)

● 1 cleaning brush

● 1 extra screen

● 1 user manual

Pro tip: The Titanic-3’s battery only takes 30 minutes to fully charge! A single charge usually lasts around ten sessions, and most Titanic-3 batteries are good for in excess of 500+ charging cycles. Long story short – the Titanic-3 is the only vape you need whether on the go or on an adventure.


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